Tension Fabric Displays

  • Waveline® Towers

    Waveline® Towers (4)

    Impressive visibility with effortless construction, that is the beauty of Waveline Towers. Finished with impeccable full color printed fabrics, these towers communicate your brand with impact and style.
  • Waveline® Media Panels

    Waveline® Media Panels (28)

    This modular system expands the Waveline collection to create personalized displays. Waveline® panels can be easily combined with lights, clamps, feet, TV mounts, shelves, and headers that result in complete booths that WOW!
  • Waveline® Media Kits

    Waveline® Media Kits (16)

    Make a statement with our Waveline Media Kits. These predesigned kits offer a variety of eye catching, sleek shapes and designs. Modular panels give you the ability to change the look and feel of your presentation by simply rearranging panels. Available in 10ft and 20ft layouts.
  • Waveline® Classic

    Waveline® Classic (18)

    Waveline is the leading pioneer in tension fabric displays. This best-selling system combines strong yet light-weight aluminum tube frames with vibrant wrinkle-resistant fabric covers to create the ultimate marketing solution. Soft carry bag included.
  • Waveline® Booth Kits

    Waveline® Booth Kits (18)

    Look like a million bucks without breaking the bank with these all-inclusive packages featuring sophisticated tension fabric architecture.
  • Waveline® Bombora

    Waveline® Bombora (11)

    Create a bold presentation with the impressive three-dimensional construction of the Waveline Bombora. These robust structures, built with light-weight aluminum encased in brilliant printed fabrics, create impressive backwalls, perfect for island configurations in an exhibit hall or commercial establishment.
  • Waveline® Arches

    Waveline® Arches (9)

    Waveline Arches are a fantastic addition to any exhibit. They are perfect to elevate the look of the entrance to a corporate event or retail environment. Frames setup with simple push-button mechanism and are completely covered with eye catching full color printed fabric graphics.
  • 8x20 Bombora

    8×20 Bombora

  • Angelfish 20ft Kit

  • Aquarius Booth Kit

  • Ares Booth Kit

  • Aruba Booth Kit

  • Atlantic 20ft Kit

  • Bali Booth Kit

  • Barbados Booth Kit

  • Bermuda Booth Kit

  • Blimp Square Towers

  • Blimp Triangle Towers

  • Bora Bora Booth Kit

  • Calypso Booth Kit

  • Capricorn Booth Kit

  • Caribbean 20ft Kit

  • Curved Side Wall

  • Dolphin 20ft Kit

  • Gulf 20ft Kit

  • Hammerhead 20ft Kit

  • Hermes Booth Kit

  • Hydra Booth Kit

  • Leviathan Booth Kit

  • Mandarin 10ft Kit

  • Marlin 20ft Kit

  • Maui Booth Kit

  • Mermaid Booth Kit

  • Nereus Booth Kit

  • Orca 20ft Kit

  • Osprey 20ft Kit

  • Oyster 10ft Kit

  • Poseidon Booth Kit

  • Reef 20ft Kit

  • Scallop 10ft Kit

  • Seadragon 20ft Kit

  • Seahorse 10ft Kit

  • Siren Booth Kit

  • Tarpon 20ft Kit

  • Triton Booth Kit