Custom Projects

At BrandStand America, we know that every company is unique and wants to make a lasting impression at trade shows and events. We work with your team to develop a custom concept that reflects your brand image with the utmost precision and highest quality display elements. Whether it is as simple as adjusting a current product or creating an entirely custom display, we are here to make your vision a reality. Let us know if you need large volumes or quick turn-around as we can support both. Our complete line of products can include lighting, shelving, monitor stands, or be made outdoor ready. Contact our team today to learn more about our products and custom solutions.

Graphic Design

Our Graphic Design team is here to help with all of your product design. Our designers will help you create a one of kind design for your display. Contact our team for pricing and availability.

Rendering Services

With our rendering service we can help you make your display a reality before you even place your order. Our 3D designers can personalize any display. Contact our team for pricing and availability.

Artwork Guidelines



BrandStand America, accepts high resolution Adobe PDF and TIFF Files from either PC or Mac software. We prefer that these are exported using the “High Quality Printing” setting. Before exporting your file as an Adobe PDF or TIFF, convert ALL text to outlines and embed ALL images. Also, please include a low resolution “screen shot” or flattened .jpg proof for content verification. If you are not able to generate a “High Quality Printing” Adobe PDF, we do accept the following native software file formats. Photoshop .PSD Include all layers, paths, channels, links and fonts. Illustrator .AI Convert text to outlines, include all linked images).


Artwork templates for all graphics sizes are available in PDF format for you to download at:
Artwork Templates


We achieve the best results from your artwork, when your image resolution is between 72-125 DPI at final print size (full size). Images submitted that are larger than 125 DPI will create larger file sizes without any visible gain in print quality.


All colors MUST be defined in CMYK. If you find that you have created your artwork in RGB mode, and need to convert from RGB to CMYK, please carefully proof your colors prior to submission.

Pantone Spot Colors may be requested; however, exact color matches may not always be possible. Reference low resolution proofs will be considered for layout only, not as actual color reference. If a color layout cannot be sent, include a .jpg, .pdf (screen optimized) or screen shot file. Clearly mark filename as “proof”. For rich black use (C 40, M 40, Y 40, K 100).


All files must be uploaded via our secure, encrypted file transfer service. You may upload your artwork files at this link: Send Us Art

Note: In order to ensure the integrity of our systems, and your artwork stored there. Our cyber-security policy prohibits us from accepting artwork attached to emails, or from third party storage providers.


Proof prints, if required, are approx. 11″ x 17″ and $75 each – price includes shipping. Please allow for additional production time when proofs are required. Final order delivery will be delayed by the time required to ship and confirm proofs.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time for most 1-5 prints is 3-5 days, plus transit time. Please contact your sales representative for an exact schedule of your order.

For artwork Information contact