Waveline® Media Panels

This modular system expands the Waveline collection to create personalized displays. Waveline ® panels can be easily combined with lights, clamps, feet, TV mounts, shelves, and headers that result in complete booths that WOW!

Waveline Media Panel Frames include feet and drawstring bags.

  • 2000A Angled 57”w x 96”h

    2000A Angled 57”w x 96”h

  • 2000B Angled 113"w x 101"h

    2000B Angled 113″w x 101″h

  • 2000C Angled 79"w x 107"h

    2000C Angled 79″w x 107″h

  • 2000D Rectangular 41"w x 89"h

    2000D Rectangular 41″w x 89″h

  • 2000E Rectangular 57" x89"h

    2000E Rectangular 57″ x 89″h

  • 2000F Rectangular 116"w x 89"h

    2000F Rectangular 116″w x 89″h

  • 2000G Rectangular 89"w x 89"h

    2000G Rectangular 89″w x 89″h

  • 2000H Rectangular 41"w x 129"h

    2000H Rectangular 41″w x 129″h

  • 2000I Rectangular 41"w x 96"h

    2000I Rectangular 57″w x 129″h

  • 2000J Rectangular 57"w x 129"h

    2000J Rectangular 41″w x 96″h

  • 2000K Rectangular 57"w x 96"h

    2000K Rectangular 57″w x 96″h

  • 2000L Rectangular 79"w x 129"h

    2000L Rectangular 79″w x 129″h

  • 2000M Rectangular 79"w x 96"h

    2000M Rectangular 79″w x 96″h

  • 2000N Rectangular 79"w x 96"h

    2000N Rectangular 79″w x 89″h

  • 2000P Rectangular 96"w x 89"h

    2000P Rectangular 96″w x 89″h

  • 2000Q Rectangular 60"w x 120"h

    2000Q Rectangular 60″w x 120″h

  • 2000R Rectangular 96"w x 120"h

    2000R Rectangular 96″w x 120″h

  • 2000S Rectangular 120"w x 120"h

    2000S Rectangular 120″w x 120″h

  • 2000T Rectangular 120"w x 144"h

    2000T Rectangular 10’w x 12’h

  • 2000U Rectangular 240"w x 120"h

    2000U Rectangular 240″w x 120″h

  • 2000V Rectangular 120"w x 96"h

    2000V Rectangular 10’w x 8’h

  • 2000W Rectangular 240"w x 96"h

    2000W Rectangular 20’w x 8’h

  • 2000X Rectangular 96"w x 96"h

    2000X Rectangular 8’w x 8’h

  • 2000Y Rectangular 180"w x 120"h

    2000Y Rectangular 15’w x 10’h

  • 2000Z Rectangular 180"w x 96"

    2000Z Rectangular 15’w x 8’h

  • 2011A Straight Header 113"w x 14"h

    2011A Straight Header 113″w x 14″h

  • 2011B Curved Header 102"w x 14"h

    2011B Curved Header 102″w x 14″h

  • Curved Side Wall