Leviathan Booth Kit

Waveline® Booth Kits are designed and developed with the exhibitor in mind. These all inclusive spectacular display kits offer everything you’ll need to attract attention at your shows. Waveline® Booth Kits are a perfect complete solution for every type of tradeshow event so your booth catches the attention of your audience and saves you a tremendous amount of design time so that you can spend more time focusing on having dazzling events. Includes: 5 2000E Panels w/ Double Sided Prints, 3 2000D Panels w/ Double Sided Prints, WL43FL w/ Double Sided Print, WL33FL w/ Double Sided Print, BQ1548 Blimp w/ Print, 3 CA600's, CA600 w/ print, and 3 Set of two L4000C LED Lights.