Atlantic 20ft Kit

Product Code WLM_Atlantic_A-K
Product Code WLM_Atlantic_A-G
Product Code WLM_Atlantic_A-DK
Product Code WLM_Atlantic_A-DSG
Product Code WLM_Atlantic_B-K
Product Code WLM_Atlantic_B-G
Product Code WLM_Atlantic_B-DK
Product Code WLM_Atlantic_B-DSG
Product Code WLM_Atlantic_C-K
Product Code WLM_Atlantic_C-G
Product Code WLM_Atlantic_C-DK
Product Code WLM_Atlantic_C-DSG
Make a statement with our Waveline® Media Kits. We offer a variety of eye catching, sleek shapes and designs that give your booth that WOW factor! Waveline® Media Kits offer a great panel system. By flipping one module/panel around, you can completely change the look and feel of your presentation. As with all the Waveline® displays, all modules/panels have durable, lightweight aluminum frames with push-pin connectors. Feet clamps join panels to give stability to the display. Your images are dye-sublimated onto fabrics resulting in high-resolution, fade-resistant graphics, that slip onto frames with ease. The graphics are zipped along the bottom edge of the frame for a wrinkle-free finish. The graphics can also be printed single or double-sided. All Waveline® products are proudly printed in the United States are machine washable with replacements available. Optional lights clip easily to the top of each module. * 2 cases recommended