BrightLine 20ft EVE Kit

BrightLine Kits engage audiences with illuminated displays combining shapes and styles to create captivating exhibits. Kits include hardware, graphics, connectors, and extension cables to reach a single power source location. Each panel is packed in a custom-foamed shipping case. With a multi-level look, the 20-EVE kit allows for three messaging areas that combine in an impressive 20ft backlit ensemble. This convertible booth turns into two exquisite 10ft displays. Elevate the branding experience with double-sided graphics, or adding accessories like TV mounts, counters, and shelving. Panels can also be replaced with matching options from WaveLine and StraightLine display systems, contact our team for details.

Light Box Kit Includes:
  • (2) BrightLine Panel E
  • (1) BrightLine Panel V
  • (2) Connector 180
  • (2) 5ft Extension Cord

Hybrid Kit Includes:
  • (2) StraightLine Panel E
  • (1) BrightLine Panel V
  • (2) Connector 180
  • (2) 5ft Extension Cord

Each Panel in the Kit Includes: Aluminum frame, LED edge lighting (for BrightLine panels), (1) One Planet SEG graphic, (1) One Planet Blocker, (1) CA400/CA800 wheeled shipping case
Accessories included: Connectors
Optional accessories: TV mounts can be added to any panel, shown in rendering for reference

Product Size:
96″ H x 238″ W
Turn Around Time:
Full color dye sublimation process takes 3-4 Days
Shipping Dimensions:
(2) Panel E – 16″h x 47″w x 13″d | 55lbs
(1) Panel V – 16″h x 47″w x 13″d | 73lbs

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