StraightLine 10ft FDD Kit

StraightLine Kits provide an exceptional combination of modular displays, blending various shapes and styles to configure enhanced branding environments. These kits include aluminum frame, single-sided graphics, and connectors. Each panel is packed in a wheeled shipping case with custom foam inserts to ensure parts remain neat and organized. The 10-F-DD kit displays an impressive bridge configuration, transforming a 10ft space into an interactive branding solution. Integrating double-sided graphics or incorporating additional elements such as TV mounts, counters and shelving, you can achieve an elevated branded environment. Panels can also be replaced with matching options from WaveLine and StraightLine display systems, contact our team for details.

Product Size:
96H x 115W
Turn Around Time:
Full color dye sublimation process takes 3-4 Days
Shipping Dimensions:
(1) Panel F : 16″h x 47″w x 13″d
(2) Panel D : 16″h x 47″w x 10″d

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