One PlanetTM Fabric

Reduce your plastic footprint and improve your brand exposure.

Brandstand is proud to announce that all our tension fabric displays are now produced with One PlanetTM fabric, made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. This upgrade provides a superior product without any price changes.

One PlanetTM fabric is smartly engineered to achieve an optimum solution for the soft signage industry
  • Perfectly smooth matte texture improves color fixation
  • Consistent stretch without the use of spandex
  • Excellent opacity with a light weight construction
  • Superior wrinkle resistance despite flame retardancy
  • Soft hand-feel without sacrificing tenacity
  • Luxurious yet environmentally sustainable

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How many bottles? A spreadsheet with the count of bottles recycled in each finished product is available, click here to request.

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